SVETOGLAS -The Mystery of Bulgarian Polyphony©
Male a cappella vocal quartet, gives rich depiction of the ancient Bulgarian folklore, and polyphonic works of Orthodox sacred music. They explore and introduce strange hymns unknown until now. They are masterpieces of Bulgarian monophonic music and its manifestations during the centuries.
Members: Daniel Spassov, Stanimir Ivanov, Viktor Tomanov and Milen Ivanov.

SVETOGLAS is the mystery and the beauty of the male voices in sacred and traditional song. Following the huge global success of the Bulgarian female voices, here comes a new lineup with innovative reading of the ancestral folklore, with different sound and conception of the world, that translates large part of the richness and nuances of traditional Old Bulgarian music into modern perception. The uniqueness of the vocal and stage practice of this group is the exclusive presentation of folk culture songs, never heard until today. These are songs of the ritual cycle which are processed by the singers and performed in a contemporary polyphonic language . To these is added the special artists interest to productions of the ancient Bulgarian church music, also proposed for the first time, to which the singers integrate unknown examples of the Orthodox tradition, typical of the Balkans and Near East.

SVETOGLAS has made, numerous vocal and film recordings for the Bulgarian National Radio and Television, released several music albums and performed prestigious tours in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.
Two of the soloists - Daniel Spassov and Milen Ivanov - are also the only male voices in the famous choir The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices (Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares ). In 2011, Daniel Spassov and Milen Ivanov (Dvuglas), recorded at the BBC in London and in 2012 participated in the project "Music of the Monasteries", presented at the Berlin Philharmonic, as well as at the festival "Chants Polyphoniqueus" in Corsica - France .

In April 2013 the formation executes an exceptionally acclaimed tour in Russia. The discerning public of the great concert halls and philharmonic in Samara, Toliati, Vologda, Kazan, Perm and Ekaterinburg, have tirelessly applauded the performances of the four artists.

In 2014 Svetoglas realizes several recordings of ancient sacred chants for the second independent project "Ancient Orthodox Hymns". The formation has made a number of successful tours in Russia, England, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Colombia and Italy. Participates in the international festival "Music of Faith" in Kazan - Russia, the Festival of Spiritual Music in Drammen - Norway, the Festival of Sacred Music "Maestro de la Roza" in Oviedo - Spain, International Music Festival in Cartagena, Colombia, 16 International Tollerance Festival “Murcia – three cultures” Spain at the International Festival for Sacred Music “Fausto Flamini” in “Saint Mary Aracoeli” Basilica in Rome Italy.

Songs from the most remote Bulgarian folk source, polyphonic creations build from traditions, improvisation, ancient monophonic and harmonic Slavic sacred chants - rich musical palette that defines SVETOGLAS. Their art, ancient and contemporary, has resounding success and is greeted with incredible interest from Bulgarian and international public.

SVETOGLAS is a spontaneous expression of the Bulgarian folklore, its ancient music and contemporary scenic and vocal interpretation.



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